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NKT is proud to be a member of Europacable, a European association based in Brussels, whose members include the largest cable producers in the world as well as highly specialized small- and medium-sized cable related businesses. Europacable serves as the voice of the European wire cable manufacturers in Europe, and since 2017, Kristoffer Gleberg, Head of Group Marketing & Commercial Excellence at NKT, has been a member of the Europacable Executive Board serving as Chairman of the Communications Team. 

This signifies our position as an industry pioneer and a responsible and sustainable cable making company. Accordingly, we are a signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter affirming our commitment to continue to push the boundaries to help develop increasingly reliable, safe and secure cables. In addition, we have undertaken the commitment to provide a safe and secure workplace, and to make our business and work as environmentally friendly as possible.

We continually strive to set the highest standards in the industry delivering lifetime value not only in quality and services to our customers, but also through our overall corporate responsibility supporting the industry consensus behind The Europacable’s Industry Charter. An important move to defend and advance the interests of our customers, the global community, and the natural environment.

Active, transparent communication is central for Europacable: We strive to be the key source of information about wire and cable technology as well as about our industry in Europe.

— Kristoffer Gleberg, Chairman Communication Team

Europacable Industry Charter

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